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10 Brilliant Homeschool Supplies That Keep You Organised

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1. Printer

The first item I would recommend is to make sure you have a GOOD printer. One thing you SHOULD NOT skimp out on when it comes to homeschooling is this. Trust me the backbone of homeschool is a printer! You need to make sure the one you choose doesn’t cause you to pay for ink refills consistently as you might be printing almost every day or at least once a week with homeschool. 

Organising homeschool

A reliable printer will be there on the rainy days and to help support your last-minute AND long term planning. That cost of printing at the library piles up! This printer solves all your printer issues at a good price! You do not want a cheap printer that is slow or only prints in black and white. You want to create a real learning experience and you’ll be surprised how much it supports being organised for homeschool. Printing is essential to the organised homeschooling items list. Don’t forget to get to buy ink!

printer for organising homeschool

2. Laminator

Now the next piece of equipment you need for your organised homeschooling is the laminator

Now, if you want to keep your printouts longer make wonderful displays and reuse worksheets or Activities. Laminating is the way to go! I’ve have reused laminated resources some made from over 8 years ago! I’m telling you, it’s worth it!!! You can also use laminated work to decorate your homeschool! A reliable laminator stops those Ultimate homeschool boo boo’s, for example; spilling coffee on your work, accidental ripping an essential task and keeps those papers from crumpling. However, the best thing about laminating is the reuse value. If you write over a laminated paper using a dry wipe pen you could reuse that same sheet again! One dream of a teacher in schools is a privilege of owning your own laminator in the classroom! Once your children become older they can use the laminator themselves. 

3. Paper Trimmer

Now, you may have a handy pair of scissors but nothing does the job like a trimmer!  It would take you almost half an hour to cut out an activity, which could take a trimmer around 5 minutes. It saves you half the time! 

Save time with cutting! A trimmer allows you to quickly create a resource with less cleanup and saving on time! Now, I have tried cheap trimmers but they seem to be frivolous and break very easily. Now, when it comes to a good quality paper trimmer you can cut multiple pages at a time allowing much more time for homeschooling and one to one time with your child/children. Paper trimmers work hand in hand with laminators and printers. These help you efficiently homeschool. 

4. IPad

A lot of people underestimate the use of an IPad. IPads ARE NOT just for video games. However, IPads can be used for a multitude of things and can be part of the essential item of homeschooling. Ipads can be used for notetaking, photographs, coding and so much more. We look at this technology as if it is just apps but really it’s so much more than that. This includes note takings, voice recordings, emails, and so on. 

Ipad to organise homeschool

A lot of those who are fanatic about studying (Yes, people like that do exist) use Ipads to write notes on their PDF files. They use it as an all in one portable computer. Imagine going on a homeschool trip or excursion and then using the Ipad to take notes. Then, using it to take pictures and document your journey. 

Ipad to organise homeschool

It’s important to get the child-friendly cover to ensure it’s durable and you won’t have to fork over more money because of a cracked screen. Using a good cover it can handle rain or shine, drop or fall! This is the cover I would recommend, I use it personally for my own Ipad. Make sure you get it the correct size! 

5. Surface Pro

Now, I’ve mentioned this item sooo many times previously and it helps my life! The surface pro is easily compatible and best used for primary or elementary to high school or secondary students who homeschool. Its multifunctional use is absolutely amazing and has benefitted my life in so many ways. It has saved me in a pinch when it comes to note-taking, creating designs, printing. Although, it can be slightly heavy to carry around. With a good laptop bag, I can pack this to the coffee shop and get work done! If you don’t want a traditional laptop or need a portable PC I would choose the surface pro! I cannot encourage it enough. 

6.Glue Gun

Now, in homeschool you will definitely do some sort of arts and crafts. If you have ever watched 5 minutes hacks. I would definitely tell you a hot glue gun comes in handy. Rather than just relying on glue or cellotape for your art projects a glue gun will not let you down. 

It is always good to have a glue gun handy for any projects that might go wrong or need that extra DIY…Like using hot glue for the rest in a sewing project. Adult supervision needed though!

glue gun for oganising homeschool

7/8. Hold puncher and stapler AKA BATMAN AND ROBIN, seriously hear me out…okay?

Now, every superhero needs a sidekick and the sidekicks of homeschool organisations are hole punchers and staplers. No matter what curriculum you use. It’s always best to have these available and handy.

items for organising homeschool

Everyone knows about Batman and Robin but to be honest Batman could get along without Robin but an organized homeschooler cannot! You absolutely cannot live life without staplers and hole punchers.

9. Labels

The labels are an excellent way to organise your homeschool. You can categories activities, work, or days of the week. Get 1000 of them and use them forever in your homeschool journey. They’re also amazing for coming up with DIY activities. 

Plain Labels:

items for organising homeschool

Fancy Labels:  

items for organising homeschool

Although they can be difficult to peel off. However, you can also use them to help organise your homeschool if you have children of different ages. 


Now there are a variety of desk organisers you can use for your homeschool. Here are a few of my favorites: wooden desk organiser, Lesfit Wood Desk Tidy Organiser, HOMCOM Bamboo desk, organiser and the Samster Letter tray file organiser.

I hope this blog post helps your child on their learning journey! If you want to be notified about more blogs like this. Place your email in the subscription box below and leave a comment if you want me to review any other homeschool resources.

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