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4 Educational Games That Are Not On An Ipad

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If you are human (I hope you are) then you know we need space and peace. So here is a list of beneficial Educational Games that can keep your children busy without the ipad. well – until an argument breaks out.

TwisterListening Skills and Physical Development

Do you remember playing this classic game? Yes! There are lots of benefits! Not only does it help develop communication and language skills such as speaking, listening and understanding. It also helps develop large motor skills and builds on team work!

Twister (published by Hasbro) is a game that is able to bring all age groups together, whether young or old. The longer reach of an adult is often levelled by a child’s flexibility. Even Grandparents can get involved as referees. It makes a great spectator sport and is always fun.

I loved playing this game as a child! We could play without an adult! A player spins the arrow on the instructions board. Then calls out the instructions. E.g: Right foot on red. This is repeated for each player, you can get in a bit of a….um….what do you call it? Twister! (I know cringey lol!)

Monopoly Money Management

At nine years old this game taught me to save money, make business deals and surprisingly how to control my emotions. I learnt a lot of what I know about money from Monopoly. I remember watching my older brother and cousins play. Now, I pass on my knowledge to the younger generations of the family. It’s an easy way to teach money management without sounding preachy!

It is one of the best purchases I have made for my family. We have played this almost every night since we got it a week or so ago. We love it!! Only wish more players could play at one time but other than that it’s amazing!! (Amazon Reviewer)

Monopoly is the beginning of financial literacy. The link I have provided is of the old monopoly game for orthodox parents who don’t want to purchase the game with images.

Deluxe Magnetic Blocks: Mathematics and Art

Now, other than Lego there are other ways to get creative! Not only have I seen someones as young as a 4 year old create something magnificent with these blocks. It provides never ending beneficial entertainment.

Here is just a few ways you can use these to support learning! Multiplication, properties of shapes such as vertices, building monuments and much more! These versatile blocks are also magnetic and can be placed on metal surfaces! This is a luxury within the home and classroom.

Orchard games: Educational Board Games

How do you introduce a new educational concept to a child who has absolutely no interest in it but is essential to help build on their next stage of development? Orchard games!

”Another great learning game from orchard toys. Encouraging the child to say the shape name each time both teaches and reinforces the learning.” (Amazon Reviewer)

These games have sparked passion in children from the ages of 3 – 5. They also have a range of puzzles available. Walking into a house and seeing these beneficial games fills me with so much joy! Unfortunately, for orthodox parents, there are rarely any of these games without faces but some do have less than others.

I hope this post has helped my fellow NQT’s! Wait, you’re not an NQT? Well join our school by subscribing to the ”How To Teach My Child” Youtube channel or follow us on instagram. With a combined amount of almost 500 NQTs you can become one of them. What does it mean to be an NQT? I means we are all in this journey learning to teach. Join us as we make ”Teaching simple”.



Note: This blog post contains affiliate links, but I only recommend stuff I personally enjoy and recommend. Clicking my link costs you nothing extra – just gives me a commission so I can continue to create free content. I truly appreciate the support! <3

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    1. You’re welcome! I’m so glad you benefitted!!

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