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4 Fun and Simple Ways To Teach Your Preschooler Shapes

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You may think that Shape are very easy to teach but how do you teach shapes effectively? Many go through the route of teaching their children the name of shapes and go on to boast ”Oh my child knows the names of all their shapes!”. I hate to burst your bubble but I have to explain that this isn’t the best way to teach your child shapes. Remember, Pythagoras theory? That annoying monologue of how a right-angle triangle is 90 degrees etc… Well, teaching your child shapes THE RIGHT WAY from this age is going to help them with this later.


Shapes are not just about learning the names. When we think about how we use shapes in real life we usually reflect on art and design. The reason we use shapes is to build! Yes, to create! Architects, designers and artists use shapes on a day to day basis. Where am I going with this? Well, you see if the purpose of shapes are for creation then the foundations of teaching shapes are not just about learning the names but about knowing how they feel look and fit! This is why some of us are teaching shapes wrong because having your child stare at a picture of a triangle does not teach them it’s purpose! So when someone tells them about the right angled triangle 10 years later; they don’t understand the link or methods behind them.

Well here are 4 simple ways to on how teach your kid shapes… the RIGHT WAY!

Making Pictures

The first thing you need to teach your child to do is make pictures with shapes. This is how you imprint the memory of shapes into their mind visually and physically. You will find that children will naturally begin to ask you about the names of shapes because they are using it practically.

To create unique patterns I would recommend the patterned blocks and for other fun shape activities then I would recommend the small shapes box.

Sorting Shapes

Teaching your child to sort is very important as it is the beginning of identifying that items belong in groups. Now, think of how this will impact them later in mathematics? There are so many concepts that involve groups in maths such as multiplication!

I know you may believe that I am talking about difficult concepts they wont be involved in till years later but remember everything starts from ABC. You won’t say ”Don’t teach my child phonics or the alphabet because they won’t be spelling Antidisestablishmentarianism (That’s a real word – look it up) any time soon.” You still teah the basics and you strive to find the best way to teach your child!

A great game is to split up shapes into different groups and ask your child to sort the shape into the correct group. This is a great exercise on shapes for kids learning!

Fill In the Shapes Game

There are many different types of games when it comes to learning about the properties of shapes such as the number of sides and corners shapes have such as the sides and corners of shapes. When teaching a preschooler about the properties of shpaes it is always best to practice matching shpaes to their silhouetts. (As seen below)

This is where your child begins to recognise that some shapes are ”round” whilst others are ”pointy” or that some shapes have 4 sides whilst others only have 3.

Find The Shapes

Children love to move around when learning. When you hide shapes around the house your child will love finding shapes you’ve hidden. If you want to teach them a particular name of a shape then you could spend a day on only hiding that particular shape. It keeps your child occupied and doesn’t take up too much of your time. If you want to spice it up a little then give them a magnifying glass so they can pretend to be a detective.

Have a go at finding some yourself…

Did you get all of them?

I hope this blog post helps your child on their learning journey if you want to be notified about more blogs like this download a freebie!

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