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4 Super Simple and Quick Writing Activities for your Preschooler

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Free Writing

A whiteboard and pen help support children with developing their writing skills. The easy flow of writing and the children enjoy being able to rub out their work and try new marks. The initial stage is to allow the children to scribble and vary their scribbles. Contrary to what you may think but ”scribbles” are the very foundation of learning how to control a pencil, professionals call this ”Mark Making.” To utilize this stage encourage your child to make different marks. For example, making zigzags and curves. These are the early stages of writing letters for children.

Practicing Letters

When teaching your kid to write the alphabet it can be quite difficult for them to learn. It would be best to use cards or rhymes to help them remember how to form the letters. The rhyme for the letter a is around the apple down the leaf. It helps the children to form letters. Ruth Miskin Cards give you a plethora of rhymes and pictures to help children learn to form letters.

Name Writing

Encourage your child to practice writing their name on a whiteboard as it gives them an opportunity to write without becoming frustrated with the many attempts. They will also become used to using the whiteboard as a place to begin expressing themselves.

Spelling Practice and Building Sentences

Practicing your spelling on a whiteboard can be super fun. This helps children to understand the spelling adjustments they need to make. Children are able to understand and practice the rectifications in the moment. For example, if they write the word cap instead of cat. They are able to see where they have made mistakes. Thus taking note in the future to listen for the end sounds of words. If you use accompanying cards, they can spot the mistakes themselves, sometimes. It makes it easier to communicate how to improve without crossing out their work or seeing previous mistakes.

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