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5 Items you need whan organising your child’s workspace

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Sometimes you want to create an environment in your home that helps support your child’s educational development but don’t know how! No need to worry here are some items that you need to start!

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The Shelving

Having the correct shelving can help bring order to the resources, toys and materials you are using to help educate your child. Shelving is also an EASY way to place activities in an accessible area for your child. I would recommend this shelf from Ikea. If you teach your child where each item belongs. Not only can you use this to monitor what activities are available for your child, it also helps STOP CLUTTER. You can get it from here

The Trays

Now, trays are CRUCIAL to help segregate activities from one another. They also help children identify what the focus of a particular activity is, alongside which items are needed for the activity. Do not worry, the child doesn’t have to complete the activity within the tray. I only keep some activities (Like this one) in the tray for younger children so they can independently identify any mistakes.You can get it from here. If you read my Practical Life Blog Posts, you can get a further idea on how to implement this at home. I also speak about it in my instagram post.

The stool

The stool is a huge promoter of INDEPENDENCE. This is highly useful during lessons in the kitchen. When you want your child to take part in baking activities. You do not need to sit them dangerously on a counter or lift them up. They can simple step on a stool to keep in line with you. It is also a good tool for other activities that promote independence. For example; Washing hands or getting resources from a high place. It levels the score between the older children and the younger children, especially when your child loves to be independent. I mean we all know the pros and cons of that! This is the perfect buy. Make sure you check the size for the stool you purchase. You can get it from here.

The Work Space

A learning space can be a table and chair or just a soft cozy place. You can use this space to make it accessible for your child to work independently too. If you have the activities or educational toys set up as shown above. It will be easy for your child to access learning space. 

The Low Chair

This chair is for younger children from the ages of 12 months to 2 1/2 years. It may not seem like a homeschooling device but contrary to the high chair. The low feeding chair support independence in children. They are able to use the chair when the tray is removed and carry it around the house. They can even serve themselves food! You can get it from here.

Here is a video suggestion on How To Organise Toys:

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