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6 Educational Resources You Need to Consider If You’re Homeschooling

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This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my link, at no extra cost to you. Please read full disclosure here.

1. Bright Minds:

Rummaging through any school resource cupboard you will definitely come across many resources from Bright Minds. As a teacher, I would say that if you are looking for educational toys, this is the place to go! This is the best place for children to choose rewards and gifts as whatever they pick it will definitely help them with educational development.

”We believe toys for children can have an educational and developmental aspect to them in addition to being huge source of fun and entertainment. So as toys delight children, they help to develop your child in the key areas of learning as they play. ”

What is remarkable about Bright Minds is how many of the toys support the Montessori philosophy! Whilst, still allowing those with specific religious views to have access to a plethora of resources without the worry.

2. Numicons:

Whenever the words ”Maths Mastery” are mentioned this is the first resource that comes to mind and whoever created this mathematical devise in no short of a genius. Numicons are an excellent way to help children visualise any mathematical concept and when I say ANY I mean it! From simply recognising numbers to fractions and percentages.

This resource especially good for children who struggle with mathematics or have any additional educational needs! You can use numicons from preschool age to Year 6! Although the Montessori world uses many amazing hands on equipment to teach mathematics, this is the next best thing. It is also very durable and can last for years. I have tried it myself, testing the material with paint, water, sand and against a classroom of 4- 5 year olds or even more challenging… a two year old.

There are some cons to this marvelous device and that is having the knowledge of how to make use of it. However, since it is a very well known resource, they’re are many tutorials on youtube, pinterest and instagram. Making it an easier hurdle to jump through. I have also included some links for parent guides too.

Guides For Parents:


Oxford Owl Numicon Guide for parents:

Numicon guides for parents:

3. Jolly Phonics series:

The Jolly Phonics series has been the best and most affordable phonics scheme I have ever come across. Whilst attending my Early Years Education Leadership training a question was posed. ”Raise your hands if you would prefer to teach Jolly Phonics within your school.” Every single EYFS Leader raised their hand.

Jolly phonics is a simple and easy scheme that can be adapted and used for any parent. They have many resources available. They also have an online course available for anyone who wishes to extend their knowledge, but it isn’t a necessity to be able teach with it! It is an enjoyable phonics scheme and I would suggest Jolly Phonics above everything else.

Don’t feel overwhelmed, you can just begin with the Jolly Phonics teachers book and the Pupils book or the handbook. – You can also purchase the series as individual books.

4. Literacy Tree

One of the best and easiest curriculums to follow! As a teacher, over the years I have looked at many different Literacy (English) schemes. From complex ones like Hamilton Trust to easier ones like Twinkl. However, I have always find them difficult to decode without prior teacher knowledge. When it comes to literacy tree, not only is it realistic for the home its a journey.

The literacy tree takes you and your child on an adventure with each story; having them fall in love with every aspect, therefore providing a love of reading. Not only does it cover the national curriculum but with an affordable price tag and unforgettable moments. Are you worried about the books available and their ethos? Well there are so many to choose from which allows for so much flexibility. It would be insane to continue on learning without this.

5. Surface Pro Tablet:

Yes, this may be controversial and random. However, I did a lot of research before the purchase and i’ve used it for over 8 years. I’ve handed the older model to a 9 year old and he still gets use from it. The surface pro tablet has been one of my best investments, not only is it a tablet and a laptop. It’s so versatile!

The Surface Pro is absolutely lovely. Thin and light, with an attractive, matte-finished chassis, it’s by far one of the most eye-catching devices on the market – and that’s including Apple’s range of devices.

The flexible mode switching from tablet to laptop makes it so easy for you to use across ages, from a two year old to a college student. You have probably seen this device crop up in a few of my instagram posts and on my youtube channel.

There is a snippet of how I use it daily on my How to Recap Letters and Sounds video.

6. Twinkl Resources:

Now, if you haven’t heard of Twinkl, i’m about to change your life! An amazing website that gives you resources for every age and any topic you can possibly think of. From over 500,00 + resources this is certainly an ally to teaching. All you need is a decent laptop and a printer.

I LOVE Twinkl. Their resources are very good and mostly editable to provide challenge and differentiation to what you require. They are a real timesaver, particularly when you get to that part of the week when you need to slow down !

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Twinkl has helped me out of a pinch many times, it has also saved me hours of work. There’s always a worksheet for every topic and they always find a way to make it engaging and exciting! You can either laminate the resources to reuse them again for years to come and with a nice affordable membership, it is worth the cost.

I hope this post has helped my fellow NQT’s! Wait, you’re not an NQT? Well, join our school by subscribing to the ”How To Teach My Child” Youtube channel or follow us on Instagram. Join us as we make ”Teaching simple”.



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