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Learning To Teach Your Child Made Quick and Simple

My Name Is

Nana Rose

I am a Qualified Montessori Teacher and Early Years Manager with a passion for educating parents of how to teach their child. My dream is to make learning to teach your child a simple and easy experience so those well meaning parents do not become overwhlemed by the world of the internet.

My passion for educating children has been through vigiorus self study! With years of experience I finally gained the ability to think up activites to improve children’s learning ON THE SPOT!

I know your struggles! I felt the same a long time ago when I first walked into the world of teaching and children.

👉 Not having enough time to teach your child.

👉 Struggling to get the RIGHT resources for teaching your child or HOW to use them.

👉 Being overwhlemed by the information on the internet!

If you’re a parent with children between the ages of 2 and 6 and want these three things:

👉 Quick activites you can teach your child at home with.

👉 Information on the best up to date resources to use for your children!

👉 Simple, step by step guides on HOW to support your child.

This place is for you! Come and join our community of ”Newly Qualifies Teachers.” – NQT’s for short!

Want to become an NQT? – Here’s A Gift For Joining ✌