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My Name Is

Nana Rose

I am a Qualified Montessori Teacher and Early Years Leader, with a passion for education. I created ”How To Teach My Child” to bring those who are just as passionate as me together!

My passion for educating children spread to homeschool but don’t get me wrong! Whether you’re homeschooling or not. I just want to share information that will help your child on their learning journey.

With over 10 years of experience in the educational sector. I fell in love with child-led and cross curricular teaching. After being in my shell so long, I decided to get out there and help. From helping those in the community. I decided to go out there and spread the message to the world but I cannot do it alone!

My overall goal is to build a community of educators. Where we can continue to grow and flourish. To support each other and all those who unite together are called ”Newly Qualifies Teachers.” NQT’s for short!

Become an NQT!


”I know many people who give advice on homeschooling but I would rather do it with you.”

‘You’re so understanding. You don’t judge the parent but you work with them.”

You have so much experience, you have to share your knowledge.”

”The information you provide is so helpful and detailed.”