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Best Educational Toys for teaching preschoolers maths without stress

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Whether you struggle with Math or think you’re a pro at it. We all need to know the resources that are going to MAKE or BREAK our children’s love for maths!

In order to do this, you need to learn what kid’s educational toys you should be using. There is a huge benefit in educational toys for kids when it comes to teaching mathematics. Not only does it simplify concepts for children to understand and explain their answers but they closely relate to Montessori toys in mastering the teaching of certain subjects and are also fun educational gifts that will make your child unaware that they are even learning whilst teaching them so much!

When we think about maths educational toys for 3 years old or learning toys for 4-year-olds I would always recommend Numicons or Unifix Cubes! Which one would be best for your child? Well, every child is unique so one may suit one child better than the other. Here’s the information to help you to decide.


Child Interest: These educational toys for kids are great for children who love to build towers. If you want to use multilink cubes they help create an interest in being creative too. Children can explore how numbers are made in different ways.

Age Band: 3 – 7

Durability: This has a long shelf life and can last for more than 2 years.

Importance: The cubes help develop many mathematical skills. It can be used for different concepts and games.

Learning Skills: The cubes help support teaching, division, addition, multiplications, number bonds, one-to-one counting and addition.

Type of Learner: Multilink cubes are best for Visual and Active learners.

Strengths: Unifix cubes are very easy to use and understand and are very effective for children who struggle with maths. If you’re new to teaching your child math, I would advice you to get familiar with cubes and if you’re a pro…then dude…why don’t you already have them? They are excellent for breaking down difficult concepts such as division and have an element of fun to them when it comes to learning toys. Your child’s school will definitely be already using it in their curriculum! This is excellent for reinforcement!

Weaknesses: The cube pieces are easy to lose if you do not have a designated area for them.


Child Interest: Children are fascinated the first time they experience Numicons and very soon they become engaged and enthusiatic about the mathematical concepts you teach them through numicons. Numicons makes mathematics simple and easy to understand.

Age Band: 3 – 12

Durability: These are very durable and can withstand water, sand and paint. They can last for years! A worth while investment!

Importance: Numicons are now very widely used in schools to support learning and many teachers are being trained on how to use them effectively! This will really help your child at home to make a link between what theyre learning at school too. If you homeschool they are an excellent educational investment that can be part of your learning for many years. Numicons help break down the most difficult concepts.

Learning Skills: division, addition, multiplications, number bonds, doubling, counting, addition, fractions, decimals, percentages and many more…

Type of Learner: Active and Visual Learners. Especially children who love to move around when learning.

Strengths: The Numicons help to simplify mathematical concepts for children of all ages and are a great educational gift or learning toy for your child. The Numicons support written math work as they begin to understand more. Due to their durability, they will become extremely familiar with it as they age.

Weaknesses: The Numicons need to understand the material. If you wish to invest in the Numicons then you need to know how to use them. I will be releasing a few blog posts that help with this but you must be willing to do the research and fortunately for you, there are many tutorials out there.

I hope this blog post helps your child on their learning journey if you want to be notified about more blogs like this download a freebie!

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