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Best Ideas On How To Organise Your Playroom

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How do you create an organised playroom that supports your child’s development? I have some suggestions and ideas for you to build a beautiful playroom.

This playroom represents an organised and impeccable environment for learning. Not only does the room have a natural tone to it. Which helps support children build upon concentration. It also helps build independence as it makes it easy for children to identify exactly where each item belongs. Child development Australia explains ”Organisation is an important aspect in play, language, social interaction, personal management”. So, how do you organise your playroom? Here are the tools you need:

Although, I have mentioned this on my other post 5 essential items for homeschooling. I can’t emphasize enough how the basis of organising your room begins with the shelf storage. You can purchase this from either IKEA or Amazon. You can also purchase different sizes and colours too.

Even if you are teaching your child to read or want them to love children’s books, you have to create importance to books. Presenting books so they are accessible for independent reading. You must also show how you value books and care for them.

It may seem bizzare that a shoe rack is a choice of storage but it really works! The first benefit to this, is that shoeshelves are child sized and it is easy for your preschooler to reach the toys they need. Not only is this an excellent toy storage but it is amazing to present Montessori activities on the shelf too. This is a great alternative if you are working with a budget.

Schools use this method too!

Another element of organising your playroom is the presentation of the preschool activities and toys. In the honour of a Montessori classroom and Montessori at home. I always recommend using trays for specific educational toys. However, you could also layout your toys whether they be lidl wooden toys, smyth toys, numberblock toys, paw patrol toys, peppa pig toys or – (I know way too many toy brands. Is this healthy? No? Sigh, its the children…after a while they take over your brain! lol) BACK TO THE BLOG!

My blog post about educational games not on an ipad and 6 educational resources you need for homeschooling. can give you some recommendations on educational toys or activities. I placed some of the best places you can get educational toys, if you click on one of the buttons it will link you to where you could get some GOOD educational toys.

Another factor in how to organise your playroom is the toys! Making sure you use toys that help benefit your childs development and toys that your children really enjoy. One trick to ensure toys a kept organised in your playroom is to stores some toys away. I would recommend putting this on a rota. This also helps children stay engaged longer with their toys and you dont feel like you constantly have to buy new ones. If you see your child neglecting their toys that means its time for a swap. You’ll be surprised on how effective it is!

Instagram: @myenchantedclassroom and @adrienne.and.lachie

A lot of you loved the baskets and trays in my previous post: Top Toys For Maths For Homeschooling. So I have inclded where to get all the best trays to help with organising your playroom or activities.

(I couldn’t get the exact basket but I managed to get a similar one. Just always be on the look out for gems like theses in stores!)

It may come as a shock to you that children are able to use trays and put them back and thats fine. I was the same when I first heard this! However it does work! If you would like the exact toys and storage in the pictures. It is available on adrienne.and.lachie instagram page. However, if you would like me tolet you know more of the best items. Leave it in the comments at the bottom of this blog.

Now, each playroom represents the child as an individual. It doesnt have to look like everyone elses, you dont have to get every single item but its nice to have guidance to begin your journey. Here is a beautiful look at an organised Montessori natural playroom.

YouTube Channel: Catherine Kuntjoro

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