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The Useful Resource Guide

This has all you need to know to stop yourself from buying too many resources that you will not use! This guide helps you ensure that what you buy caters to your child’s learning without being overwhelmed by the crazy amount of information there is on the internet that may not always be useful to you! Making sure that the little time you have is used beneficially!

Essential Items to Teach your 3 – 6-Year-old Maths and English!

This Guide gives you an outline all all the resources you need to teach your child to read and write without spending hours searching on the internet! It explains how the items help benefits your child’s learning and where to use them. It also gives an outline on what to do with your child who isnt ready for learning just yet.

Top Tips For Difficult Behaviour In Children

These Top Tips help you with getting your child to listen to you! Finding specific techniques for managing your child’s behaviour! It deals with managing sibling conflicts, keeping calm and dealing with strong willed children.

Top Tips For Teaching Your Child To Read

These Top Tips help you with giving you advice on getting your child interested in reading. Dealing with bossy or hyperactive learners and simple techniques on teaching reading with the most common struggles answered!

The Free Homeschoolers Checklist

The New Homeschoolers checklist is a guide that supports new homeschoolers in fidning their feet. For example; Their homeschooling style, where to get the best resources and what curriculums to follow.