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Is starfall a good educational website?

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Are you asking me if Starfall is worth your money!? Well, that decision is up to you but I would say, YES! I was introduced by a teacher with 19 years of experience. Who recommended the website! I would mainly iterate that its very good for preschoolers and kindergarters

Type of homeschooler: Free school

Strengths: First of all what is Starfall? Starfall is an online educational website that helps support children in a variety of topics. For example; Alphabets, Phonics, Reading, Numbers, Shapes and Measuring and all other educational topics.

Children absolutely love starfall and they don’t realise they are even learning when using the website. I am against mindless staring at the ipad, so when the next generation in my house was two years old and started getting addicted to the ipad. I gave them ‘’Starfall’. When I need activities for my ICT section of EYFS? I give them starfall! I know I sound as though I may be on their side a little too much but it’s amazing how much it really benefits.

Types of learners: All

Resources: Its an online programme that has verbal instructions for children to follow for all ages. It has a lot of visuals and provides resources ranging from games to story books.

Teaching: Starfall is an app that you can use alongside your main curriculum to help reinforce topics. I would not recommend using it soley to teach your child.

Weaknesses: Starfall is an American based system, this means some things don’t align with the British National Curriculum and the pronunciation of some letters will be different. 

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  1. Mansurah .Arowosekila says:

    Please please recommend others!
    Would love to see a list of great websites here!
    I often get asked, and im not sure ( i decided to share your link instead!)

    Thanks for the post!

  2. I will definitely recommend some more websites in the future!

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