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How To Create Montessori At Home On A Budget!

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Are you looking to implement Montessori at home but need help?  As a Qualified Montessori Teacher, I can offer a solution for applying Montessori at home from the ages of 3 to 5! A marvellous book to called ’I CAN DO IT’’ by Maja Pitamic is what I would recommend for you! Now, this Montessori book contains very simple instructions that teaches you how to support your child in steps. If you are looking into Montessori for your baby. I would suggest Maja Pitamic’s book Mama’s Mindful Happy Baby.

‘’I CAN DO IT’’ includes all five areas of learning that are part of the Montessori curriculum; Practical Life, Sensorial, Cultural, Mathematical and Language. In simpler terms: Independence, Science, Geography, Mathematics and English. 

Types of Homeschoolers it will benefit the most: Montessori, Free school, Unschooling and Charlotte Mason (In some areas.)

Strengths: “I CAN DO IT” is very easy to understand and leaves out all the teacher jargon but at the same time keeps the Montessori philosophy intact. This Montessoi book gets straight to the point. It has a very simple layout that allows you to know exactly what you need to do and the resources to use. ‘’I CAN DO IT’’ is a book made for parents. Not only does Maja suggest other activities to try, she tells the reader exactly what the child needs to know prior to trying new activities.

The ”I CAN DO IT” book has a way of being thorough but still manges to get straight to the point, which takes amazing talent! A close friend of mine who is a homeschooler asked me for my opinion as a Montessori teacher. It was THRILLING to see something available to those with no previous Montessori experience. 

Type of Learners: All Learners

Resources: The resources available are printouts within the book. However, you can still purchase some Montessori toys beacuase having a few Montessori materials is always an EXCELLENT BONUS to put on your Montessori Shelf. Here are some of the basics: Shelf, trays and mats.

An example of montessori homeschooling.

Teaching: ”I CAN DO IT” is excellent for first time homeschoolers, It gives you a clear guideline without following a rigid system. You can easily use this to meet the child’s early learning targets according to the national curriculum. It is an enthusiastic and fun method for homeschooling activities.

Weaknesses: You need to have a rough homeschool routine or you might find it difficult implementing the philosophy. You also have to prepare for some of the activities in advance.

Ideal for ideas for actvities that help small kids to gain independence.Some activities need a lot of preperation
Very well laid out and easy to follow instructionsDoes not go indepth with the Montessori Theory
Life and education skills are well explained and very visualNot for children aged 7 andabove
This video is a very raw dipiction of what Montessori look like in the home

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  1. Maria Rose says:


    It’s so nice coming off WhatsApp and spending quality time with my daughter alhamdulillaah. I look forward to having a beautiful journey and adventure with completing the activities in the book with her. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!

    Who needs to spend money on times when you complete activities for free!

    1. IM SO GLAD IT HELPED! 🌹🌺🌹🌺🌺

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