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One place to consider when getting gifts for your child during difficult times

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Many people may be wondering where to but their gifts during a pandemic. The option to walk into Argos or your local supermarket to buy your presents isn’t as easy as it previously was and don’t forget about the social distancing queue. You can’t even explore the pound shop for those tiny extra gifts to make the present pile look bigger. It’s as if all your options are gone whilst they’re sitting there waiting in excitement to see what you’ll come up with. Well I have a solution!

Without emphasising that people may not be earning as much as before. I’ll put it in a simple context….these kids…EAT… ALOT, don’t forget that your children are at home 24/7 and coming in with a shopping bag of anything, won’t go unnoticed.

We don’t realise the extra costs we have to spend with everyone indoors. The electricity, gas, resources we have to buy to aid this home learning. Yet, the children have gone through a difficult time and we do want to get them something that makes them happy. It may not have the big price tag attached but we do want to make sure its delivered to them.

My recommendation has to be Bargain Max. This toy market, I find not to be as saturated as Amazon or Argos. It has consistent bargains and discount opportunities.

You won’t be sitting down waiting unable to predict when the package arrives and the delivery hours even during the pandemic are reasonable. Here is a sumeracy of their deliveries:

Standard Delivery

  • Free on ALL orders
  • Delivery in 2-4 working days
  • UK Mainland only

Next Day Delivery

  • £2.99 on all orders
  • Order by 1pm Monday to Friday
  • UK Mainland only

Their return periods have also been extended due to the pandemic

The website is quite easy to navigate, with a variety of toy selections. Here are just a few:

  • Electronic toys
  • action toys
  • playsets.

They also work with a number of well known toy brands such as Fisher Price, Hot Wheels and Paw Patrol!

I hope this helps!

Note: This blog post contains affiliate links, but I only recommend stuff I personally enjoy and recommend. Clicking my link costs you nothing extra – just gives me a commission so I can continue to create free content. I truly appreciate the support! <3

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