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Is This A Good English Homeschool Curriculum?

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Are you trying to find a good Literacy/English curriculum for homeschooling? Here is a review on a curriculum a few of my home school pals are using! I also used this curriculum during the school closures to support my pupils home learning.

Best suited for these homeschoolers: Traditional, Classic Homeschooler and Unit Studies homeschoolers 

Buget: £3.99 per month

Strengths:  The Literacy curriculum is VERY CREATIVE. It also FLEXIBLE according to your personal homeschooling timetable. It is easy to pick a few activities to do over a couple of days or weeks, depending on your preference. The curriculum allows for rich learning and is PARENT FRIENDLY.  

Photo by Instagramer @ilmexplorers_homeschool

Above is an example of the English Language Curriculum in action for younger learners.

Below is a snapshot of the lesson plan for older learners: The curriculum also includes; spellings; suggestions on how to link to other topics; discussion questions; key vocabulary; templates and samples for work presentations.

The Curriculum is available from Year 1 – Year 6. In other words, from ages 4 to 11. It is very simple to understand! A full preview is available as a on their website. 

The best asset that Literacy Tree has to offer is the RANGE of BOOKS to choose from. Which I suspect, will increase very soon,  as they built the ”home learning branch” quickly due to schools closing during the recent outbreak.

The Lesson plans are available for each book. Your child is free to pick whichever book they are most interested in. The home learning Curriculum allows for SUPPORT WITH PHONICS regardless of whether you use Ruth Miskin’s Read Write Ink or Jolly Phonics. I have an article going into detail about theses phonics schemes here.

Literacy Tree helps support it’s younger members with phonics and takes into consideration their learning ability through the activites provided.  You can use the curriculum regardless of age differences between your children. The Literacy Tree really brings back the LOVE in reading. 

A snapshot of the books available in the English Curriculum


There aren’t many weaknesses regarding the Literacy curriculum. However, to get to the nitty gritty…Literacy Tree does take preperation. Unlike, using text books, the CREATIVE element of the curriculum does require preperation but hey! At least the planning is done fore you.

As the home learning curriculum is still new, they are constantly updating. The book range should improve over time. The books do not come with the programme so you must purchase them yourself but it gives you an opportunity to find a cheaper alternative. For Example; When we had to buy new books for the school, we order them second hand off of Ebay and Amazon. Which saved us a lot of money to use on other resources.

Lastly, you need to create or access worksheets yourself based on the examples they give you. I usually look for a similar theme on TWINKL. Which makes it easier. However, I hope this changes in the future. 

Photo by Ian Panelo on

Overall, f you feel this is the right curriculum for you and your child click here to either purchase or contune to browse around. I would personally recommend it though! 

I hope this review helps your child with their learning journey! If you want more blogs like this. Place your email in the subscription box below.

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  1. Sabiha says:

    What I also love about this curriculum is that they have something called ‘spelling seeds’ that helps your child to focus on spelling and learning new words within the book you are reading, making it more meaningful!

    Spelling Seeds ensure children are exposed to a wide variety of varied and often challenging vocabulary, linked to a range of learning opportunities.

    1. I’m so glad you’ve added that! I didn’t even know about spelling seeds! I definitely need to implement that too! I wonder if anyone else can input what they may also like about the curriculum?

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