Safe Bath Toys that support STEM for your Preschooler (Mold-Free)

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After the story of a little boy whose eye became infected by the water from his rubber duck. The story was covered by the sun and you can read it here. The BBC also did an exclusive on the dangers of bathroom toys with the rubber duck as a featured image. Finally, another article covered by The Mirror outlines it’s danger.

Children absolutely love bath times, especially bubble baths and bath toys. So what is the alternative for kids educational toys that support STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) Learning? Well, it is something that has been used in classrooms and children absolutely love it! They can also be cleaned easily too!

Child Interest: Children who enjoy splashing water and filling up the bucket.

Age Band: 2 – 5

Durability: 6 – 8 months

Importance: They help children explore concepts such as capacity!

Learning Skills: Capacity (Full, half full and empty) and imaginary play

Type of Learner: All types of learners can enjoy this.

Strengths: The beakers allow for hours of play and exploration. Children will learn about capacity and quantities. They will explore how water moves and works. This is excellent coupled with a plastic boat and seaside toys! They bring up the fun with bubble bath soap! They are versatile and can be used for other activities and experiments. They also do not gather dangerous bacteria and are the best mold-free bath toys.

Weaknesses: It can get messy and wet! The boats are quite small so you’ll have to search harder if you are looking for a bigger toy. Do not use the toys on hard surfaces or they will break. They work better in the water! It is always important to disinfect bath toys regardless of how safe they are.

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