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Are you or your child struggling with mathematics? Yes? Well, I was in your position a few years ago. This was until I discovered these resources that help through the maths struggle! Just before I spill the tea….the beautiful blog post images were provided by the amazing @earlyyearslove and @myenchantedclassroom on instagram! They are definitely worth the follow! 

What is Mastery Learning? This is a very good explanation. These products help support maths mastery if used correctly.

In other words, mathematics originated from understanding the world. This is why maths resources are so important. They help our brain understand mathematical questions and eventually reach the answers independently.

Instagram: @earlyyearslove

They help children understand maths, thoroughly until they “Master” the topic…you see what I did there? No?…sigh…I’ll try better next time!

Some children struggle to grasp the concept of unit, tens, hundreds and thousands. These base boards are used to give a visual representation of what 1000s actually looks like. It gives the child infinite possibilities to visualise numbers. This makes it easier for them to visualise equations such a long addition and multiplications. It is also used in Montessori Mathematics. You can purchase it from Amazon.

Instagram: @earlyearslove

These nails and hammers are FANTASTICS for learning the properties of shapes, such as verticies and sides. Children can also use the activity in play for artistic purposes. It also helps develop fine motor skills, and children really enjoy the resource. You can get it from Amazon.

These coins are super useful when it comes to teaching (Even though they don’t have very flattering pictures of the queen). From a young age the child can use the money to roleplay shopping and beome familiar with using the correct financial vocabulary . As they become older you can use it to teach them adding and subtracting with currency and so on, its definitely a resource you will revisit over the years to come. You can get it from Amazon.

The beebot is well known in the continuous provision (learning through play) classroom. It teaches your child coding and directions. They learn to differentiate between left and right. You can use the beebot for many different activites from learning directions to geography! You can get it here.

Have you ever struggled to teach your child time? Well time is a very abstract concept and can be difficult to teach but with this handy clock and the activites in the previous photo. This helps you teach your child to read an analog clock. You can get a large version from here or a small one here. This really gives the child control over the subject they are struggling with.

Now, if your mouth has dropped open as to me recommending something as prosperous as an ipad. Please, I can explain!!!! Everything can be used as a tool for learning. I have NEVER allowed the ipad to be used as mindless gaming for children to play with or watch hours of YouTube. Absoloutely against my philosophy but what I have allowed them to do is; learn to code; create their own movies; record important moments;learn how to email and use voice recording for important messages. There are so many more uses to this device and I use it with a TIME LIMIT. You can get it from here and don’t forget the case !

Number fans are an amazing way to make your activities fun! You could play so many games with number fans. Including ”guess the number” or ”show me the answer.” It’s good for renforcing recognising numbers and for children who aren’t very fond of writing. You can get it from here.

These are tactice (Hands on way) to learn numbers. there are also transportable so you can hide them in different places around your house and create interest number memory games. This can also be used in the garden for active children. It makes setting up your work space look all that more engaging! You can get it from here.

This is definitely my favourite resource and I speak about it on my other blog post in more detail and use it frequently on my youtube channell. This resource is especially good for children who struggle with mathematics. You can use numicons from preschool age to Year 6!  It is also very durable and can last for years. You can get it from here.

Who doesnt remeber using this as a child? This is essential for teaching trickier mathematical concepts and makes learning lengths and measurements super easy as it breaks down the concepts in a visuale form for your child to understand. You can get it from here.

I hope this blog post helps your child on their learning journey! If you want to be notified about more blogs like this. Place your email in the subscription box below.

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