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Which Maths Scheme Should You Use For Homeschooling?

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Are you looking for a maths curriculum for Homeschooling? Well! You have come to the RIGHT PLACE! This article reviews 4 home learning curriculums to consider, when thinking of a maths curriculum.

Montessori Mathematics

Type of homeschooler: Montessori, Unschooling, Free schooling, Unit based Homeschooling.

Strengths: The Montessori Maths Curriculum takes the Maths Mastery approach , it breaks down every concept, so even on topics you have never experienced. Once, you learn how to present an activity to the child it becomes easier! The materials also allow the child to continously practice what they have already been taught in their own time!

Types of learner: All learners

Resources: Many resources are available but if you are sticking to the traditional Montessori Method, you will find that you have to purchase very specific materials.

Teaching: It is really simple to teach Montessori Mathematicsand there are loads of tutorials online for preschool ages. It is difficult to find Montessori Maths examples for elementary but don’t worry! I have your back, Here you go!

Weaknesses: I would say the materials are quite costly and it takes a lot of time to learn how to present the activities.

Hamilton Trust 

Type of homeschooler: Traditional, Classical and Unit based homeschooler

Strengths: Hamilton Trust is a highly structured curriculum. It tells you exactly what to do and when. The home learning scheme, although I didn’t bother to approach it at first, thinking, it would have too much teacher talk and not clear enough for parents. I was definitely wrong! The work proved a hit with both the children and the parents. Especially, with preschoolers as it was very creative in it’s activities. 

Types of learner: All

Resources: There are many resources, such as lesson plans and worksheets, alongside a literacy curriculum too. However, you may have to make them a little more entertaining and engaging at times to really get your children into the activity. The curriculum is mainly for schools but since the pandemic they have opened a “Home Learning scheme”. Which still takes a little while to understand but has fun lessons.

Teaching: You really have to be prepared in advance for this curriculum. You need to make some of the resources and even though they give you tutorials. I would suggest being ahead of your game. You can’t just pick it up and start teaching on the spot. However, it is very worth it in the end. The progress is also amazing

Weaknesses: The Hamilton Trust curriculum can be quite difficult to those who are not familiar with teaching. Hamilton’s videos are useful but can be boring at times.

White Rose Math’s Home Learning 

Type of homeschooler: Free school, Unschooling, Unit based Homeschooling

Strengths: I find White Rose maths is great for homeschooling. Not only does it incorporate Maths Mastery. It has a wide range of resources and is very simple to navigate. 

Types of learner: Visual and Auditory

Resources: The Early Years curriculum provides a hands on approach to learning, the other years have very precise and clear explanations on completing topics and with the paid subscription, you have access to worksheets for tasks.

Teaching: The videos are highly interactive and interesting. It provides work from year 1 – 10. It is very simple to understand so if your child is stuck on a question. After watching the video yourself, you could support them. However, you may need to work individually with children in younger years. If you are creative you could take the curriculum and make the learning hands on using different mathematical resources for older years.

Weaknesses: With White Rose you have to take in the perspective that its approach to mathematics is different. It heavily focuses on understanding the route of the mathematical topics. You may get frustrated with the scheme as it takes a slower but deeper approach. You may complain your child is ‘’too advanced’’ or the pace is ‘’too slow’’. However, it will definitely be worth the wait to see results that are long lasting.

Conquer Maths

Type of homeschooler: Online Learning, Traditional, Unit based homeschooler

Strengths: Conquer Maths is an online learning programme that is very simple and easy to use. Your child does not need much support from you, when using the curriculum. Conquer Maths give your child much practice in their mathematics skills. It’s is systematically tailored to your child’s ability.

For example; If you child is 8 years old but working at higher level in division. Conquer maths will tailor the questions to the ability of your child is working at in those specific mathematical areas. 

Types of learner: Visual and Auditory 

Resources: You do see progress in conquer maths. However, they don’t provide enough explanation videos at times. This means if your child is struggling with a topic you will need to access other resources to support them. 

Teaching: You don’t have to do much teaching with this scheme except if your child is struggling with work. 

Weaknesses: The work is quite repetitive and tedious, children don’t always look forward to doing their work on conquer maths

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